By any means

Limited run/Small quantities

Limited Edition Collectable Pins

Tools of the initiated

Recreated in quality collectable enamel pins

Limited Runs
Numbered individually

A Veteran owned company creating collectable custom enamel pins

Deviant Method pins are only produced once. They are individually numbered and coated in the highest quality nickel plating. Deviant Method pins can go anywhere a moral patch would go, but look that much better. These are not your grandpas cheaply made pins, these are collectors items you will be proud to own. Become one of the family, and send us a photos of your pin in non permissive enviroments!

Never reproduced
First 100 pin produced in gold
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Limited time
first 100 pins produced in gold
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From the field to you

Tell your squad about us

Keep it in the family

Send in your photos for a chance to be featured

all combat arms and hard chargers considered

Limited time
launch pins available
Gold nickel pins available till they all sell.
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